What We Design

kmd group have art of applying creativity & technical solution to structure in order to fit in aesthetic & provides touch of your very lifestyle to place as profession of interior designing. provide these functionally solutions, kmd group have with up our services to enhance quality of life & culture of occupants. All our designs are crafted to be attractiveness & to recognize physical location & social background of project. kmd group designs comply with rules & regulations & promote principles of environmental sustainability. kmd group believe in the very old saying:- “EVERYTHING DESIGN, DESIGNS US BACK”

kmd group Paint and polishing

home is your castle! home should make you feel refresh, calm, inspire and proudy. paint that covers interior and exterior of living space will affect your energy & mood.

kmd group PVC wall panel

kmd group is a leading name in the market that offers PVC Partition and PVC Wall Paneling. kmd group are known for quality and perfection. kmd group use only top quality polyvinyl chloride for work.

kmd group Floor Polishing

kmd group marble polishing service contractors are always committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction. With advanced and intuitive technical services

kmd group Electrical

kmd group is a renowned electrical contractor. kmd group specialty is in the residential and commercial electrical and design-build construction field. kmd group provides construction and maintenance programs

kmd group wallpaper

Redefine the look of your walls by one of the best Wallpaper installation services. kmd group bring you a good range of wallpaper designs which will create a trendy interior and provide a fresh and new look

Pop false ceiling

false ceiling is named as a secondary ceiling suspended from main ceiling. These suspended ceilings or secondary ceilings are made of Plaster of Paris.


kmd group company also acts as a carpentry contractor, performing various wood work jobs at offices, residential areas, commercial complexes, industrial warehouses and wooden work in general.


decorating your home’s kitchen, bathroom, entrance passage, or other high-traffic areas, & are looking for better flooring options, then tiles are worth considering.


Is the space in your home is too tight and too crowded for your family? Maybe you want to add a false ceiling and LED panel to the living room and give a self-touch to your house/office.

About kmd group

kmd group is solution can professionally & conveniently manage your household needs, from the construction to maintenance.

kmd group goal is to become largest construction & renovation group in Delhi. kmd group team will achieve goal through team of architects, designers, project managers & customer relationship managers have more than 10 years of experience in construction industry & kmd group strong technical foundation enable entire workflow from experience, booking, Digitization, documentation, project execution, quality control & final delivery in design phase.

kmd group team are committed to highest quality, on-time delivery projects, warranty periods, & worry-free experience from plan approval to delivery of all construction projects to all customers.


kmd group To be the largest renovation and maintenance platform in Delhi.

Our Promise

The Highest quality standard

kmd group main goal is customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, kmd group team of qualified architects, project engineers, quality control engineers and contractors guarantee the highest quality standards. In addition to this,kmd group also make sure that branded materials are used in the project.

Stress-free experience

Once kmd group transaction is complete, kmd group are responsible for every step from plan approval to delivery, & kmd group qualified team manages it 100%. kmd group technical capabilities have created miracles by removing customer doubts and pressures from the entire process.

On-Time Completion

kmd group provide schedule and monthly schedule & kmd group are committ to complete project on time as kmd group have schedule as kmd group top priority. kmd group is To make clients aware of progress, kmd group reports are shared continuously each day.

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