Your home is your castle! It should make you feel refreshed, calm, inspired, and proud. The paint that covers the interior and exterior of your living space will greatly affect your energy and mood. Light up your home, light up your lives ! KMD provides interior and exterior painting services for new or existing homes, large or small family homes, heritage homes, apartments, or any other residential as well as commercial property.


We understand that "do it yourself" can be tempting, but without professional knowledge, it can fail. High-quality paint finishes can add thousands of rupees in value to your home and completely change the feel of the space. The key to beautiful finishes is preparation and the finest details.

We at KMD are professional and experienced, and provide even the most detailed features which are incredible. We use Asian Royale paint and even polish the furniture to provide aesthetic appeal to your home. We like taking up challenging works and some of these include roofs, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, window frames, doors, fences, decks, multi-story buildings, and traditional homes.

To avail our services contacts us on the provided number and design your dream home/office.

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