KMD is a renowned electrical contractor. Our specialty is in the residential and commercial electrical and design-build construction field. KMD provides construction and maintenance programs that ultimately reduce costs and demands while maintaining strict quality measures.


We have constantly demonstrated a next level of integrity and stability with many continuous relationships with our customers. KMD is an electrical and designing contractor who is working for a long time. Most of our projects are based on an aggressive construction schedule. We know how to adjust our efforts to maximize the importance of the schedule and the benefits of our efforts. Even if the schedule is important, we at KMD have safety as our first priority.

Our completed projects include all the electrical portion of the building construction including:-
  • • Installation of internal wiring
  • • Installation of CCTV cameras
  • • Internal wiring of server rooms.
  • • Other electrical repair and technical work.
We provide electrical services for:-
  • • Residential areas.
  • • Industries.
  • • Offices.
  • • Shops.
  • • Restaurants.
  • • Hotels.

Our completed projects should help you to see that KMD and its Team are well respected in the list of top electrical contractors in Delhi.

Our contract include service both inclusive as well as exclusive of the material. In case material is provided by the customer we will provide our best service to complete the project. In case our contract includes the material, then an agreement is signed prior to the deal assuring the quality and brand of the material used in the project.

To avail our services contacts us on the provided number and design your dream home/office.

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