Is the space in your home is too tight and too crowded for your family? Maybe you want to add a false ceiling and LED panel to the living room and give a self-touch to your house/office. The best way is to hire decorating experts, a team of professional interior designers, project managers, and entrepreneurs who have in-depth knowledge of the industry and long-term experience in the home renovation field.


Like everything else, our house needs maintenance too. Homeowners mostly prefer to renovate their houses to improve run-down corners or during celebrations or weddings. However, regardless of the reason, due to the discomfort and supervision involved, families are often skeptical of the renovation process. To solve these problems, we at KMD have decided to provide renovation services comprising of a complete package of all our services mentioned above in a budget friendly manner.

Home renovation comprises of:

  • • Complete home renovation.
  • • False ceilings, wall decor and LED panels setup
  • • Designing of cabinets, beds, furniture and other wood products
  • • Electrical jobs of houses

To avail our services contacts us on the provided number and design your dream home/office.

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